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We work with nonprofit organizations and people who support them in fundraising, strategy, management, and governance. We offer an initial call or meeting to discuss your needs and the potential fit of your organization and our services. We are uniquely positioned to assemble the right team for you - bringing in experts in various professional disciplines to meet your specific needs. 



Philanthropy, from Greek roots, is the LOVE of our fellow humankind. In our current use, giving of our resources to address a particular challenge, to meet a need, to move something forward, to leave a legacy -- in any case, to give for the LOVE of GIVING and feel good about it. One of my very favorite activities is connecting donors to causes or organizations that suit them!  I can help you direct your giving, connect with financial or legal resources, or determine how to attract philanthropic ardor to your organization.  

Strategy & Organization


Where are you going?  How will you get there?  Do you have what it takes to get there? Is it viable? Are you headed in the right direction? What's next?  

Strategic Planning


The "process"  of strategic planning can be mind-numbing. I know. I KNOW! But it can also be invigorating! Really. You are not looking for a document as much as you are looking for direction, clarity, or verification. I have been through strategic planning processes from pretty much every perspective - staff, board member, program volunteer, donor, facilitator, consultant. There are many models, in both nonprofit and for-profit corporations. What will work best for you?  

Coaching & Training


We do quite a bit of training - staff, volunteers, board or committee members.  Some of the best results our clients and colleagues have attained are with a bit of coaching.  You know a LOT.  Sometimes it just takes someone to help you sort it out or redirect it. Coaching is some of the most professionally and personally rewarding work I do.  I am not a financial advisor, lawyer, or therapist.  But I do really "get" how philanthropy and nonprofits work.  Let me know how you'd like to get started. 



Sustainability is critical to most endeavors, it is not just jargon.  Frequently it is fund development or revenue from charitable giving, that needs to be addressed.  This is my wheelhouse. We will help assess your current position, meet you there, recommend what needs to come next ~ and then help you get there.  Do you need a map, a navigator, or a driver?  Each situation is unique. But for your mission and services to endure, sustainability is key.  


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